Closed for the Holidays

As I do every year, I'm taking two weeks away from the Internet starting tomorrow (December 23rd through January 5th). That means no new posts here on sansmirror until January 6th. But don't worry, there will be plenty of news, articles, and reviews coming in January. So enjoy the holidays and do like I do: take a break from the Internet and take pictures instead.

In terms of site news: a menu fix has been identified for Opera browser users, but I won't be able to deploy it until some time in January. Also, if you've previously subscribed to RRS for this site, you'll want to junk those subscriptions and start again in January. The old RSS feed didn't quite work the way I expected. In the future, each major menu item will have its own RSS feed--note the "Subscribe to News RRS feed" in the sidebar on this page--allowing you to pick what you want to hear about.

Several people have asked about search and a complete map of articles much like I did on Guess what? Both have existed since the beginning on sansmirror (both are in the About sans Mirror menu). Search is on a separate page because I'm experimenting with various search options and it's just easier to do that when it isn't promoted onto every page of the site. The Sitemap lists every article (down to each individual question in frequently-asked questions) in the hierarchical structure formed by the menu system. Sitemap is an automatically created page, so it reflects the entire site immediately after any change.

Again, enjoy the holidays. Stay safe, happy, and warm, and don't forget to take pictures. See you in 2012. --Thom     

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