Canon EOS M2


The EOS M2 is a refresh of the original EOS M, and uses a proprietary EF-M mount. Major changes were a slimming down in size, addition of WiFi (and smartphone control and connection), and an improved focusing system. The M2 is not available in all markets.

  • Sensor: 18mp CMOS sensor, 22.3x14.9 (1.6x crop), Bayer color filtration
  • Mount: Canon EF-M
  • Images: 5184 x 3456 pixel JPEG or CR2 raw, 4.6 fps max, 13 frame JPEG, 5 frame raw buffer
  • Video:  1080P/30/25/24, 720P/60/50, 480P/30/25, H.264 in MOV format with linear PCM stereo sound
  • Shutter: mechanical 30 sec (1/4 second Program mode) to 1/4,000 sec, bulb to 60 min
  • Exposure: matrix, center-weighted, spot metering, -2 to +2EV exposure compensation, 6 white balance settings (plus Auto, Custom), ISO 100-12,800 (plus extended 25,600)
  • Focus: hybrid phase detect/contrast detect, single area, multi-area, tracking, manual focus override
  • Display: 3" 1.04m dot fixed touch-screen LCD
  • Flash:  hot shoe, 1/200 flash sync, Speedlite 90EX (GN = 9m); will work with other Canon EX Speedlites
  • Remote: Infrared RC series remotes (RC-6), operation via smartphone
  • Other Notable Features: WiFi, HDR, Hand-held Twilight mode, multi-shot NR, optional EOS mount adapter EF-EOS M, optional GP-E2 GPS receiver, chromatic aberration/vignetting correction
  • Cards: SD, SDHC, SDXC
  • Battery: LP-E12
  • Size: 4.1 x 2.6 x 1.2" (104.9 x 65.2 x 31.6mm) wide, tall, deep
  • Weight: 9.6 ounces (274g)
  • Colors: Black, white
  • Price: not available in US
  • Announced: Dec 3, 2013 (not in US)
  • Current Firmware: version 1.0

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