Leica L Mount Lenses (TL, SL)

Currently available lenses for the newer Leica mirrorless cameras, the T and the SL.

T-type cameras have a 1.5x crop (APS) and the lenses are sub-labeled with TL. SL-type cameras have a full 35mm frame (24x36mm) and the lenses are sub-labeled with SL.

The following L mount lenses are available:

Leica’s roadmap now has the following lenses on it for SL: 35mm f/2, 75mm f/2, 90mm f/2, 16-85mm f/3.5-4.5, all scheduled for 2017, plus five additional unspecified lenses for 2018.

Leica’s Web Site for SL Lenses

Leica’s Web Site for TL Lenses

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