What lenses can I use with the adapter on the Nikon 1?

Virtually any F-mount lens. Here is the simple 411:

  • VR lenses: VR works (use the switches on the lens to activate; VR is on constantly when the switch is On, which will drain battery faster)
  • AF-I, AF-S, HSM lenses: Autofocusing works (AF-S, center point only)
  • older AF lenses: Autofocusing is not performed; you must manually focus the lens, though a focus aid is available
  • MF lenses: You must be in Manual or Aperture-priority exposure mode if lens is not chipped; focus aid is available for chipped lenses

* Chipped lenses are ones that what Nikon calls a CPU, and pass lens information onto the camera. Nikon AI-P lenses are chipped. Nikon AI and AI-S lenses can be chipped by third parties, and a few were chipped by Nikon repair depots as an extra cost option for awhile.

Nikon’s current FT-1 Compatibility Chart

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