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Welcome. I've been on the Internet pretty much from day one, and have had an active Web site—bythom.com—for well over a decade. As part of making sense of my sprawling Web presence, I’ve launched this second site, dedicated to the so-called mirrorless cameras. These smaller, yet sophisticated cameras have come to supplement the larger DSLRs I've been writing about for many years. Call them mirrorless, call them SILC (small interchangeable lens camera), call them EVIL (electronic viewfinder interchangeable lens), call them...well, you get the idea: they don't yet have a great name that's standardized in everyone's minds. Even the camera makers don't seem to be in agreement. I call them sans mirror.

Don't be fooled by the simple look of this site: it's filled with articles, reviews, data, and more, with even more coming in the future. The usual landing page you'd want to bookmark is the News/Views page, but you can also get a complete list of recently published articles on this and the other bythom sites by just going to www.bythom.com.

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The sensors are large. So are the possibilities.

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