Boo Nikon!

If you click on NikonUSA's Web site and go to the Nikkor Z System Lenses page, you now get all the currently available F-mount lenses as well as the Z-mount ones. This is exceedingly deceptive.

I understand what Nikon's trying to do: they're trying to promote that fact that their DSLR lenses work pretty darned well on the Z cameras. There's only one problem. All those F-mount listings just go to the Nikon F-mount database page for the lens, and none of them actually mention the actual compatibility with the Z cameras using the FTZ adapter. 

People are going to think that, say, the 14mm f/2.8D autofocus lens is a great companion for the Z cameras. Nope. Bzzzt. Nada. Won't autofocus on the Z's. 

Now, if Nikon had made that page F-mount lenses that are "fully compatible with the Z cameras using the FTZ adapter", I wouldn't be chiding them on this. But the reality is that, of the 108 lenses on that page, 23 (plus the PC-Es) have limitations on the Z cameras that people would want to know about. About one quarter. What are the odds that some naive customer is going to get sucked into this lack of information vortex? 

This is not the way to treat potential customers. Seriously bad form on Nikon's part, and potentially deceptive enough to catch the FTC's attention.

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