What's Known About the Canon R3

Since Canon keeps leaking bits and pieces about the upcoming R3 camera, it's probably a good time to put some of the known bits together in one place.

  • Full frame, new BSI-stacked image sensor of unknown pixel count, IS stabilized
  • Up to 30 fps raw continuous frame rate with AF/AE
  • Down to -7EV autofocus (though spec likely with f/1.2 lens)
  • Addition of car and motorbike AF detection
  • Eye control of AF system
  • Smart controller on AF-On button
  • "Next generation" dual pixel AF
  • Combined lens+sensor stabilization up to 8 stops CIPA
  • 4K oversampled
  • Raw internal video recording
  • Canon Log 3 video recording
  • 5Ghz Wi-Fi, Ethernet port
  • Magesium-alloy body with integrated vertical grip
  • Dual card slots (CFe and SD)
  • New powered accessory shoe built into front of hot shoe
  • Flash sync with electronic shutter
  • Fully articulating LCD
  • Uses LP-E19 battery

Likewise, some of the things we don't know:

  • Pixel count
  • 8K video or not?
  • Maximum HD/4K frame rates, bit depths, compression, time limitations
  • Maximum mechanical shutter fps
  • Whether or not there's pixel shift, focus stacking, etc.
  • Viewfinder resolution and speed
  • Availability and price info
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