Prices Going Up (Your Third April 1st Warning)

Sony has now added a note in Japan that they're raising prices there on April 1st (and likely elsewhere) for the A6400, A7C, ZV-E10, and various RX and compact cameras. No specific amounts were mentioned for these products, though the minimum price increase Sony mentioned was 3%. 

This April 1 price increase is starting to be a trend, though at the moment it seems to be regionalized:

  • Nikon Northern Europe is raising prices on everything except sport optics and the Nikon Z9.
  • Canon is raising prices on some RF and EF lenses that haven't already seen a price increase.
  • Leica is raising prices worldwide.
  • Tokina, Kenko, and Zeiss have also indicated that they'll be raising prices.

While the April 1 date seems collusive, it's probably more a reflection that most of these companies are using fiscal years that start on that date (though not Canon). Moreover, they all work with subsidiaries that are judged on a quarterly results basis, so a mid-quarter rise that doesn't happen across all regions simultaneously generally is avoided, if possible.

Conversely, while prices are going up, buying incentives have been going down. While each manufacturer has a few products on instant rebate or other discounts, compared to previous years 2022 has been pretty spartan in those offerings. 

I don't see the situation changing in 2022.

Well, I take that back: first, I see the trend becoming worldwide instead of regional. Second, I see demand increasing in 2022, but supply continuing to be restrained and having to be repriced due to supply chain pass-throughs. That's a recipe for more price increases, fewer instant rebates, or both. At least on the mirrorless side of the businesses. Canon and Nikon may make one last push to empty the DSLR shelves this year, but I don't think either will be making the same type of push on the mirrorless side.

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