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CP+ was an online show only this year (end of February), and as such, it was a very subdued one. In the run-up to the show really only Fujifilm and Sony used that time to do any major product introductions, while Canon and Nikon stayed quiet during the show (but keep reading). OM Digital and Panasonic made some mumblings about future products. Pentax and Sigma appeared to pull rumored camera announcements. Even the lens front was relatively quiet, with only two significant lenses being introduced (Panasonic 70-300mm, Sigma 28-70mm).

On that latter front, with little else to report about, that Sigma 28-70mm f/2.8 got a quick assessment by many, and it's a bit telling to where we are in the state of the market now. For instance, it appears that the quick verdict is that the Tamron 28-70mm f/2.8 is a bit sharper in the center of the frame while the Sigma is a bit sharper in the corners. The Tamron has bit less vignetting and linear distortion, but the Sigma is a bit shorter and lighter. Lots of "bit" differences, nothing significant. That's pretty much true of full frame cameras and their basic lens sets these days: smaller differences, not necessarily significant ones. At least at APS-C there are still some clear and obvious differences to consider.

Curiously, Nikon choose post CP+ to reveal that they will release a Z9 flagship camera in 2021. Virtually no details are available (stacked FX sensor, new imaging pipeline, 8K video), and only a photo of an initial prototype's front (for a fuller discussion, see

bythom z9 front

Likewise, Sony appears to have held a few minor products out of CP+. They've now introduced one, the ECM-W2BT wireless microphone whose receiver slots into the Digital Multi Interface in the hot shoe of many Sony cameras. But others are going to trickle out shortly, including at least one new lens.

dpreview seems to have conducted their usual CP+ interviews with camera company executives, though via email rather than in person. The first two have been published: Fujifilm, Nikon.

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