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In trying to keep my various Web sites all lean while still the same in design, one thing I've done is simplify the News/View sections. You'll find more of a "blog style" to this section now, and not the warren of folders and subfolders that were starting to get completely out of hand. 10 years worth of articles meant thousands of articles were cluttering the menu system.

The way things work now is that the top News/View page is the one you want to point your RSS newsreader at. There are no submenus in this section (though it is still possible to get to an individual news/view page directly if you know how or a link is offered to it). To find articles that move off that page, you'll need to look in the monthly archives that are referenced at the bottom of that top-level News/View page. 

Can you still get to the thousands of previous News/Views articles? Yes. I've left them in place on the server, they're just not reachable via the menus. Old links and searches should still find those articles. If you want to "hunt" for something manually, you should simply start at the Old News/Views header page and drill down.

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