It's Launch Week in Mirrorless 

It seems like everyone is launching products this week in the mirrorless world. Part of the reason why was the big IBC show in Amsterdam, the first real live, in-person trade show since the pandemic for video. This conference is the European equivalent to the US NAB convention. 

bythom sony fr7

Sony was up first with the launch of the FR7, which is a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera with a full frame sensor and the FE lens mount. Think of it as something like a stripped down A7S that's set up to be remote controlled. At US$9700 for the camera, it's not likely on your purchase list, however it does provide a pro video PTZ option that prior to the FR7 wasn't really available in one package.

Next, Panasonic added the 18mm f/1.8 to their L-mount lineup, making my just published autofocus prime lens table already out-of-date. Given the lenses I know are coming, I'll update those tables probably on a monthly basis, rather than with each lens that comes out.

Hasselblad, long quiet on the mirrorless front, came back to life today with the X2D-100C, a 100mp medium format camera, along with three new lenses for their XCD mount. The big news here is 100mp BSI image sensor (previously was 50mp), sensor-based image stabilization (up to 7 stops CIPA), faster phase detect autofocus, tilting Rear LCD, higher resolution EVF, and a new color top LCD. Overall, the new camera is a dramatic upgrade in performance over the older one, with attention to fixing the UX of the older models, as well. The new X2D-100C body is US$8,199. This wasn't an IBC-related announcement, as the X2D-100C has no video support at all.

The three new XCD lenses are the 38mm f/2.5 V, 55mm f/2.5 V, and 90mm f/2.5 V. Each use faster stepper motors, are smaller than previous lenses, feature DOF markings on the focus ring, as well as a customizable ring. The lenses range from US$3699 for the two shorter focal lengths to US$4299 for the telephoto.

Next up we have Samyang with a quintet of cine lenses for the Sony FE mount: 20mm, 24mm, 35mm, 45mm, and 75mm, all t/1.9 and autofocus. The unique things about this lens set is the gimbal-friendly center of gravity and size that's consistent across all the lenses, as well as video-centric features such as tally lights on the front and side of the lens. These lenses seem to be a new design variation of the Samyang f/1.8 lenses, as most of the optical specifications are the same. In one unique note, Samyang has directly expressed the focus breathing amount of each lens in percentage, something I haven't seen any other maker do yet, and which would be a useful specification to know and compare for videographers. The 75mm t/1.9 is first out of production, with the others to follow almost on a quarterly basis. 

Tamron officially launched the Z-mount 70-300mm this week, the same week that Canon acknowledged that they are taking legal actions to prevent third-party autofocus lenses appearing in the RF mount. We now have two known Nikon Z-mount licensees (and the company has seemed to embrace a third), so in terms of full frame mirrorless:

  • Canon RF — Closed mount, not open to third parties
  • Leica/Panasonic/Sigma L — Open consortium mount
  • Nikon Z — Licensed mount to third-parties
  • Sony FE — Licensed mount to third-parties

Fujifilm will be dealt with in a separate article as soon as they've made their public announcements.

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