Canon Adds to the R5

Canon has added a new model to the RF lineup, the EOS R5C. 

bythom canon r5c

Basically start with an R5 and then make changes that solidifies it more as a hybrid (stills/video) camera: inclusion of a cooling fan (for unlimited 8K video time), numbered labels for configurable video buttons, separated (switchable) stills/video modes, new video capture options including HDR in HLG, anamorphic desqueezing, wave form display, and a timecode socket for synchronizing cameras. Lost in the translation: sensor-based VR and the camera gets far deeper in size to accommodate the cooling system. Cost is US$500 more than the original R5.

So what we have now is Canon offering up the same basic camera two ways: 

  • R5 — A stills-optimized camera that can perform sophisticated video for short periods in a pinch.
  • R5C — A video-optimized camera that can be switched to operate like a bulkier, sensor-IS-less R5. 

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