New Other Discounts

The disastrous first quarter coupled with the usual desire to push gear during the second busiest time of the year for camera sales—Mother's Day through Graduation—has everyone introducing discounts. I've already outlined the Canon and Nikon mirrorless deals, here are the rest of the mirrorless camera makers:


  • Most XF lenses have discounts ranging from US$50 to US$250. 
  • GF lenses have discounts of up to US$500. The GFX 50R body has a discount of US$500. GFX body+lens kits have discounts of US$1000.
  • The X-T100 has a discount of US$100 (both body only and kit). See my review of the X-T100.

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  • Many Zuiko lenses have discounts ranging from US$50 to US$200.
  • The E-M10 Mark III has a discount of US$200, putting it well under US$500, and ironically, the same price as the Mark II.
  • E-PL9 body and kits have a discount of US$150.
  • The E-M1 Mark II kit with the 12-40mm and 40-150mm f/2.8 lenses gets a US$800 discount.

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  • The GH-5 body is discounted US$500 to US$1500.
  • The GH-5S body is discounted US$300 to US$2100.
  • The GX85 kits have US$300 to US$500 discounts.
  • The G7 kit has a discount of US$300.
  • A number of m4/3 lenses have discounts of US$50 to US$100.

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  • The big discount remains the A9, with a US$1000 special savings. See my review of the Sony A9.
  • The A7R Mark III US$400 discount remains. My review of the A7Rm3.
  • The A7S Mark II gets a US$400 discount.
  • The A7R Mark II gets a US$200 discount.
  • The various A5100, A6000, and A6300 kits get discounts of at least US$100.
  • The RX100 Mark VA gets a US$100 discount. See my review of the RX100m5.
  • Most E-mount lenses have discounts ranging from US$50 to US$200.

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So What Stands Out?

This is a great time to pick up lenses from pretty much any mount. This is the time of year other than Christmas when we tend to see significant savings on lenses. These US$50+ instant rebates will come and go probably three or four times during the year; most of the ones currently in effect last until June 1st.

Videographers have to look at those GH-5 bodies. Those are really good prices for highly competent 4K video cameras. The Fujifilm X-T100, Olympus E-M10m3, and Sony A6000 are also now under the US$500 mark (body only), so if you're looking for a well-endowed but very small camera, now's a good time to look at those.

And, of course, anyone looking to get into high performance sports cameras without spending a fortune needs to take a strong look at the Sony A9 at its current price. A really good camera that leaves room to buy some lenses compared to buying into the traditional Canon 1DXm2 or Nikon D5.

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