Olympus Diagnostic Info

I mentioned Samsung's diagnostic menu earlier in the week, this time I'll provide Olympus (thanks to a site reader for this). 

I'll use an E-M5 as my example, but other Olympus cameras are similar:

  • With the power off, hold down the Menu button as you move the Power Switch to On. Continue holding the Menu button until the display appears.
  • Press the MENU button.
  • Navigate to the SETUP menu, and pick the monitor brightness adjustment (third item).
  • Press the Right button, then press OK. You'll see a screen showing Olympus and the camera model number.
  • Press the following sequence of buttons: Up, Down, Left, Right, followed by pressing the shutter release, followed once more by pressing Up.

There are four pages in the diagnostics, which are reached by Up (page 1), Right (page 2), Down (page 3), Left (page D). Yeah, it didn't make a lot of sense to me either until I realized that someone was too lazy to code a navigation method: they just assigned the four pages to four buttons. 

The first page lists critical information about CPU, memory, and firmware status:

  • U = Main user CPU area
  • B = boot area
  • L = four digit firmware number
  • F = four digit flash firmware number

On the second page you'll find a number of pieces of information:

  • R = shutter release count
  • S = flash use count
  • C = cleaning mode count
  • U = ultrasonic cleanings count (typical number of power cycles)
  • V = Live View count (not used on E-M5)
  • B = shots using in-body stabilization

On the third page you'll find:

  • CS = camera's serial number
  • MCS = CPU code and serial number (model #, year, number; on my camera model 4138, 204 for March 2012)

Page 4 lists error codes that the camera has encountered.

Turn the camera off to leave the diagnostics. 

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