Yasuhara is a Japanese company that has long made specialty and high-end photography products. They are now making interesting speciality lenses for the NEX (E-Mount) and m4/3 systems. 

Madoka 180 7.3mm f/4 Fisheye Lens

A circular fisheye lens (lens captures circular image in frame) for the m4/3 and NEX mounts:

  • m4/3, NEX mount available
  • manual focus only 
  • 7 elements in 6 groups 
  • 180° circular angle of view
  • f/4 aperture, minimum f/22 via aperture ring
  • 4" (10cm) focus distance
  • 1.6" (40mm) long, 2.4" (60 mm) diameter (m4/3 specs, NEX 43x61mm)
  • 7 ounces (200g) weight
  • US$280  

Nanohax5 f/11 Macro Lens 2

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