This is a little tricky, as Pentax has two mirrorless cameras, the Q and the K-01, and they use different mounts. The K-01 uses a standard K mount, and there are tons of lenses available for that mount. I'm only going to report lenses here that are announced for the K-01 specifically. I'll also be reporting lenses for the Q mount, as well. 

Q lens roadmap: wide, telephoto macro, and body cap lenses planned for 2013.

Pentax 40mm f/2.8 DA XS

A pancake lens for the Pentax K-01 camera:

  • K mount
  • autofocus 
  • 5 elements in 4 groups 
  • ?° horizontal angle of view
  • f/2.8 to f/22, 9 blade diaphragm
  • 27mm filter thread, ?? lens hood
  • 20" (0.4m) minimum focus, 1:7.7 magnification ratio
  • .34" (9.2mm) long, 2.5" (62.9 mm) diameter
  • 1.8 ounces (52g) weight
  • US$250 retail
  • Model Number 22137

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Pentax Q 5-15mm f/2.8-4.5

Pentax Q 3.8-5.9 f/3.7-4

Pentax Q 15-45mm f/2.8

Pentax Q 3.2mm f/5.6 fisheye

Pentax Q 6.3mm f/7.1 Toy Wide Angle

Pentax Q 8.5mm f/1.9

Pentax Q 11.5mm f/9 Body Cap Lens

Pentax Q 18mm f/8 Toy Telephoto

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