Samsung Mirrorless Camera Reviews

I didn't review every Samsung model, however Samsung tended to build models with the same imaging characteristics (e.g. sensor) across a set of designs—e.g. DSLR-like, compact camera-like—and across both high and low models. Moreover, many of their features and controls are consistent across the cameras in their model lineup.

  • The first generation of Samsung models was the NX5, NX10, NX11, and NX100, which shared sensor and many features. Of these models Ireviewed the NX100.
  • The second generation consists of the NX20, NX200, NX210, and NX1000, and in this generation I've reviewed the NX1000.
  • The third generation consisted of the NX30, NX300, and NX3000.
  • The fourth and last generation currently consists of the DSLR-like NX1and NX500. In addition, Samsung produced a “mini” version, basically a compact camera with interchangeable lenses based on the NX system.

Unfortunately, Samsung has withdrawn from the camera market, so no new products are being produced.

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