Fujifilm X Mirrorless Camera Reviews

The following are the Fujifilm mirrorless cameras we've reviewed to date (click on the linked camera names below to be taken to the review):

  • X-A1 — Entry-level mirrorless camera (also read this review for X-M1)
  • X-A5 — Current version of the entry-level camera
  • X-E1 — EVF-only camera (first generation)
  • X-Pro1 — slightly larger camera that has hybrid optical/EVF finder
  • X-T1 — Fujifilm’s DSLR-like camera
  • X-T2 — Update of Fujifilm’s DSLR-like camera
  • X-T10 — A slightly reduced feature set and smaller version of the X-T1

So What Would Thom Get?
The new 24mp sensors in the X-Pro2 and X-T2 continue to be rolled into the other models overtime. The clear leading camera in the Fujifilm lineup is the flagship X-H1 and the prosumer X-T2, which both look like and perform like a small DSLR. The X-T2 is currently Thom’s preferred X-Trans camera. But he also likes the Bayer-sensor X-A5, a more simple camera with an excellent Sony sensor.

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