Printed Versions of the Complete Guide to the Nikon 1

On sale for US$9.99 (plus shipping and handling) while supplies last

A professionally-produced, paperback version of the Complete Guide to the Nikon 1 is available for those that would rather have a printed version. The printed version is produced for me locally on demand by RR Donneley, the biggest printer in the US. Note that this version is black and white only (color graphics and images in the manual are reproduced in black and white only). I charge US$9.99 plus shipping and handling for this product (mailed US Priority Mail within the US and APO addresses, First Class International for all other locales).

To order online click here, or use PayPal to send money to and the appropriate number that follows:

  • Pennsylvania residents: send US$17.57 (cost of book plus PA sales tax plus shipping and handling)
  • All others: send US$16.98 (cost of book plus shipping and handling)

Printed copies of books are shipped only on Wednesdays. Thus, all weekly orders received by close of business each Tuesday are usually shipped Wednesday morning. 

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