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Thom Hogan's Introduction to Nikon Software helps you understand and master the use the Nikon software programs: Transfer, View NX2, Capture NX2, and Camera Control Pro. All are covered in this over 240-page eBook. 

Nikon doesn't supply manuals with these products, only help systems, so if you want to know how they work and what you should really be using in each product, Thom's Introduction to Nikon Software will get you started with these programs faster and with more understanding.  

  • Organized to help you learn. Strongly organized, with sections on each product, workflow, third party products, and more.  
  • A complete instruction manual and an introduction to relevant software issues in one book. Thom Hogan's Introduction to Nikon Software manages to not only fully describe the features of these software programs in clear, easy-to-understand language, but even steps you through using Capture NX2 on a sample image. You'll have a stronger notion of not just the features of the software products, but how workflow works, and how these programs can be integrated into your workflow.
  • Confusing UIs broken down in understandable pieces! Nikon's software tends to use UI functions you haven't seen elsewhere. These programs are surprisingly rich in features, but not always easily approachable. Everything you need to know to start using them more effectively is in this eBook.
  • Third Party Alternatives identified. Besides describing Nikon's own software, Thom points out third party alternatives and provides basic opinions on many of the more popular alternatives.

The PDF eBook file has been checked and runs on Kindle, Nook, and iPad readers (we suggest the low-cost Goodreader app on the iPad to get the best reading experience). Don't have an eReader? No problem, the eBook also works using Adobe Reader on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux systems. Technically, it works on most iPhones and Android phones, too, but the screens on those devices are bit small to read comprehensive text.

The Introduction to Nikon Software is a must-own for any Nikon J1 or V1 user, or any Nikon DSLR user. There simply isn't any other work out there that comes close to fully describing the full range of Nikon software, both that supplied free with cameras, as well as Nikon's optional programs. 

242 pages, eBook (PDF file supplied)

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