Lens Converters

Lens converters are screw-in optics that convert the apparent focal length or the close focus characteristic of the lens being converted.

  • DMW-GWC1: a modest wide angle conversion (0.79x). Works on 14mm and 14-42mm kit lens.
  • DMW-GTC1: a telephoto "doubler" (2x). Works on 14-42mm kit lens.
  • DMW-GMC1: a macro attachment changes close focus to 0.14m on 14mm and 0.16m on 14-42mm kit lens. Note that the far focus distance is not infinity, but becomes 0.23m on the 14mm and 0.26mm on the 14-42mm. In other words, this is a traditional diopter-type close focus optic.
  • DMW-GFC1: a quasi-fisheye conversion (120 degrees angle of view; fisheye is typically regarded to begin at 180 degrees). Works on 14mm and 14-42mm kit lens

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