HLD-6 Battery Holder

The HLD-6 is the battery holder and vertical grip for the OM-D E-M5 camera. 

  • Two-piece battery holder/grip, holds one extra BLN-1 battery (other is in camera)
  • Two dials and two Fn buttons for vertical use are present, as well as a vertical shutter release
  • dust and splash proof
  • optional GS-4 Grip Strap provides hand strap for use with HLD-6
  • optional AC-3 AC Adapter to provide continuous power with grip
  • US$450
  • Model number: V3281300U000

Thom's Mini Review: The OM-D E-M5 is actually quite a small camera, and many people find it too small. The hand position necessary to hold the camera and press the shutter release can be awkward for some. Indeed, I use the first piece of this accessory to provide a solid grip to hold and to position my index finger better (on the second shutter release the grip provides). The "grip" part of this accessory is relatively small and light and just about right for those looking for just a little more grip and a better hand position. The drawback is that you have to remove the grip to change the battery. Which leads some to use the "vertical grip/battery holder" part of the two-piece grip. Personally, that makes the OM-D E-M5 more DSLR-sized for me, something I'm trying to avoid. Still, many like the double battery that the full grip offers, and it does offer a vertical grip shooting position complete with controls. Recommended

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