Remember, these are "system cameras," which implies that they are more than just a box that contains the camera. One of the system components is obviously interchangeable lenses, which is dealt with in another section of this site. But there are other accessories that come into play, too:

  • Flash units
  • Microphones
  • Remote releases
  • Grips
  • GPS
  • Cases, straps, etc.

This section of the site deals with those things. One word of warning: I tend not to cover the case or strap type of accessory. Those items reach far more into the cosmetic and fashion fad side of things than the practical for the most part. I assume that you can figure out what color case you want without me having to help you (heaven help you if you need my help on a fashion decision). But the other stuff? You'll find it covered in this section of the site.

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