What We're Working On

No promises about how soon or when, but there's a lot brewing behind the scenes at sansmirror.com. For example, there are 40 cameras, lenses, and accessories in various stages of testing. As always I try not to publish reviews until I've had a fair amount of field experience with a product, so as I take trips and bring one of these mirrorless systems with me, you'll see me start to clear those products on review shortly thereafter. For example, I was recently in New Zealand and Galapagos for four weeks with a broad array of new mirrorless equipment in tow. You'll start seeing the results of that testing soon. 

So, yes, you'll eventually see Sony NEX-5N, NEX-7, and lens reviews (plus a few other accessories), a Samsung NX210 review, a Ricoh GXR M-mount and 24-70mm module review, Pentax Q, and so much m4/3 stuff that I shudder every time I look at the pile.

Several new articles are in the works, as well, and I continue to fill out some missing details in the product databases. 

So please don't think the site is as full as it is going to get. It isn't. It will grow massively in the coming months. Don't forget to keep coming back.  

Known site issues (March 15, 2012):

  • Menus broken when using Opera. Fix identified and in testing.
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